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Crow in Snow
3 April 1960
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This is an inactive journal. I've left it up for reference.

ember in ice
life on white
i'm a crow in snow
a speck in the light

Shredded Cheddar

Many years ago, three angels came to me. One had the head of an owl, one the head of a crow and the third the head of a coyote. Crow bore a quill and scroll, Owl carried a flute and Coyote carried a scourge. They each gave me a gift. Together, they explained to me the meaning of life and why we live, why people suffer and die.

I said, "Wow, this is so easy to understand. I should write it down and tell everybody!"

"Actually," Coyote said, "We'd prefer you kept it to yourself."

So, yeah, this journal doesn't have any of that in it.

I like to play with music recording software on my computer. You can hear the results on www.soundclick.com/dtking.

Ursula Vernon let me use part of her painting of Mithras for my user icon.

"Live life like you're gonna die, because you're gonna!" William Shatner

I always wanted to be a shaman, but the squirrels say I look silly in the hat.

Character: crowinsnow

Race:          Human ...ish
Occupation:    Whipmaker
Age:           45
Sex:           Male
Height:        1.68 m
Weight:        136 kg
Strength:      9
Dexterity:     5
Intelligence:  9
Charisma:      4

Submissive .............+...... Dominant
Masochist  .....+.............. Sadist
Masculine  .......+............ Feminine

This journal is funded in part by U.R. Listners.

Often the difference between fantasy and reality is just a bit of cooperation between friends.

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