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Wrapping it up

Posted on 2006.12.31 at 21:53
It's been a good year.


Sad for no apparent reason

Posted on 2006.12.29 at 09:41
Did you ever get something you really liked, then lost it and forgot you had it?

Yeah, I'm fine, but you have to wonder sometimes.


Let it be written

Posted on 2006.12.28 at 12:38
One of the great inequities of life may be that rice expands when you cook it, but bacon shrinks.


Prints of Whales

Posted on 2006.12.27 at 20:45

From my vacation a couple of years ago.

Comic Book Guy

Miami Vice (2006)

Posted on 2006.12.27 at 10:07
Is it just me, or was the dialog in the recent Miami Vice movie nearly incomprehensibly mumbled?

I turned on the English captions just so I could follow the plot.



Posted on 2006.12.26 at 08:34
Frankly, I started 2007 about six months ago. The calendar is just catching up with me.

Since my CyberMonday comes about a week earlier than most vendors, I had a pretty fat November. However, December is always dead for me. I've caught up with all my orders. Overnighted one so it'd be there for Christmas. I have a single post xmas order to fill and I'm on to making stock for FFF again. Yes, once again I find myself making almost everything in the last weeks. However, if I don't get distracted, it should still be better than previous years.

I'm seriously considering doing something else after August. My health and concentration has been improving. I'm feeling like I might like to try working with people again. Of course, a lot depends on the economy. I spent almost ten years immersed in WWW geek land and it'll be five years as a professional whip maker. While I know I'm a genius, it might take a visible display of brain power to get back into the tech world.

Maybe I don't want to work with my head so much. Maybe I want to be a waiter. Wear a tie and bring people food. Maybe I want to sell something. Just wait and see, I guess.

Under odd biology, I feasted for two days and lost a half pound. Not gonna complain about that.

Thinkin' I might get me a big red slab of grass-fed today.


Yes, I'm just posting videos, lately.

Posted on 2006.12.20 at 18:57
Those wacky Ozzies.



Posted on 2006.12.20 at 07:19
 (\__/) This is Bunny.
(='.'=) Copy and paste bunny onto your LJ.
(")_(") Help Bunny gain World Domination


PS3 vs. Wii

Posted on 2006.12.18 at 18:11

PS3 vs. Wii
"PS3 vs. Wii" on Google Video
Wii pwns PS3

Comic Book Guy

Silent Night

Posted on 2006.12.16 at 16:13
"Who do they think they're dealing with? I'm the fucking Santa Claus!"

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